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Window repairs and installation

Windows provide our homes with light, warmth, ventilation and security, but they can also be a leading contributor to adversely impacting a home’s energy efficiency - heating, cooling and lighting costs.


Through the latest state-of-the-art technology, our team is able to determine where to inprove your home's energy efficiency and what types of windows will work best for your space. Should your home require new windows, our trained experts will ensure installation is done thoroughly and in a timely manner, using the most effective methods. Our team is also experienced in repairing and installing awnings and shutters.


If your windows have bad seals or are not functioning as intended, please call us at (815) 462-2002 so we can find a solution that best suites your needs.

Did you Know?


  • You can significantly reduce energy costs by installing energy-efficient windows in your home.


  • Various types of more advanced glass can help to both contain and repel heat, ensuring that rooms are kept warm in winter and cool in summer, thereby reducing reliance on air-conditioners and heating systems and as a result, saving money on energy costs.


  • Most indoor paints won’t hold up to moist conditions, and wood that is constantly wet, is susceptible to mold, rot, and other serious issues. It’s critical that all your windows have a tight seal to keep that water out.


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